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Honda GL 1100 Innerstate Gold Wing 1981: Full reviews
Honda GL 1100 Innerstate Gold Wing 1981
Rating: 9.8
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Posted by Justin on 2 okt 2005 @ 23:43:47
I've owned for a while now my 1981 GL-1100 "almost-interstate" (the fairing was destroyed by the previous owner, and I don't miss it.) The bike itself, forgetting the pretty and/or amusing stuff that nobody really needs, is excellent. The bike has excellent power all the way from the bottom. Mine has 71k miles on it, and runs like it probably did off the line in Ohio in 1981 (I idled it down to 750RPM warm, while factory is 950, and it idles like a charm still). Yes, my Hy-Vo transmission chain does rattle some, especially when starting out. No, it isn't about worn out; those chains are known to last 'till the day after forever, rattly or not. It runs about 3400 RPM at 55 mph, give or take 200. Probably the smoothest running engine put on a bike in 1981.

Pro: -40-50mpg without a fairing
-12.47sec 1/4 mile time as a naked bike
-low low center of gravity (I'm 135pounds and can handle it fine)
-shaft drive
-Japanese durability
-easy to find parts for (compared to other Japanese bikes)
-5 gallon tank under seat gives good range+low center of gravity
-2 years & 100cc's new enough Wing to have electronic ignition rather than points
-usually better+smoother than comparable bikes that don't say "GoldWing" on them

Contra: -timing belts (bad for the paranoid)
-air suspension won't last forever
-center of gravity is low, but still quite heavy to back up (be careful!)
-2 years & 100cc's too new a Wing to have kick-start
-usually cost more than comparable bikes that don't say "GoldWing" on them

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