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yamaha xj 700 x maxim 1985: Others comments
Yamaha XJ 700 X Maxim 1985
Rating: 8.6
# votes: 29
Last vote on 8 okt 2003 @ 9:49:04 PM
Posted by roger cross on 26 sep 2005
currently own a 85 700 maxim this bike,AWESOME POWER!!currently rebuilding and restoring to it's original color of scarlett red..any info from other maxim owners would be greatly appreciated
Posted by Mike Helton on 7 jul 2005
I just bought this bike as a leaner bike off of Ebay recently. My uncle looked at it and rode it, then told me this was an awesome bike. So far it's been great (besides me adding too much oil, but that was my fault) I love it. FAST TOO

Posted by Dino on 29 apr 2005
I bought one of these 5-valve screamers new in 1986. Based on the genisis engine design, this bike will pull it's 10,000 r.p.m. redline in every gear, making it able to compete with litre bikes. Fueled with 100 octane leaded pump gas this bike was able to horrify owners of 1000 Kawisakis and V65 Magnas in outlaw street races. I spun off two Conti Blitz tires in it's second season after doubling the manufacturers recomendations for break in intervals. Yamaha motorcycles rule!
Posted by Greg Clausen on 22 aug 2003
This bike is AMAZING, incredible, reliable, smooth, FAST ///WHOA FAST FAST FAST
Posted by Pat on 9 jul 2003
I bought my XJ700 XNC 4 years ago and it has not let me down for even one day eversince!

This is a super bike that can compete with much newer and more expensive bikes. Even after 18 years, the bike is fast and reliable: Blade, eat your heart out!

Have a look at my site for more info on the XJ700 X:

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Yamaha 1985
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Naked bike
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